20 Feb 18

Some agility work and some interval work. If you’re serious about your Speed, Agility, and Quickness Training you need to pick up the book “Training for Speed, Agility, and Quickness” by Lee E Brown and Vance A Ferrigno. I’ve been using this book for over two years now and it has been huge in my programming and personal training.

Focus today on those chopping steps going into the turn and short chop steps around the cone. Keep those arms moving as well. Run one interaction in each direction slick and then throw your plates on just to see how changing the center of gravity changes your movements. If you’re a fire fighter then throw your tank on without a vest.

16 Feb 18

Longer intervals today with some change of direction. Use a chop step as you go into the transition from forward sprints to a back pedal. It should be smoother and not abrupt.

For those of you just joining us whose aerobic system isn’t there just yet I put an alternate day in. The distance is cut down but you’re gonna be doing some leg work in exchange with 400m of walking lunges.

15 Feb 18

For those of you preparing for beach season there’s an optional portion at the end. Enjoy.

Feel free to leave comments with results or comments or you can hit me on the contact form.

14 Feb 18

Happy Valentines Day. Get your ruck and move out. Drop your ruck, grab your sledge and get moving. Be square with the tire as you bring the sledge down. Listen to your body, if you start feeling tight then stop and work on mobility. This is for those just joining us in particular or those who are stiff from yesterday.